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    • Always outgoing and has great attendance and squad activity 
    • This application is approved I will give you your assignment on Discord
    • I am looking into this application please be patient
    • 1. @ your site name: @EGS White Widow 2a. Have you worked on a web staff before? Yes for Deo Optimo Maximo clan for BO2 AND BO3. 2b. If so, please list previous held positions: Moderator   3. When are you on our website (how often)? All the time almost every hour of every day. 4. When is your best time to moderate? After 11 am cst. until 10 pm cst. due to taking care of my kids. 5. Are you aware of the EGS web staff positions and chain of command? Yes 6. Why should we choose you as a moderator? (2 sentence minimum) I should be chosen as a moderator because I always watch the site and discord and make sure there is no profanity or harrassment. I also notify the chain of command if anyone is having a problem with anyone in clan or on any of the games so that the issue can be resolved. 7. What do you offer that others do not? (3 sentence minimum) I offer great computer skills, good communication skills and am not afraid to let the chain of command know of any fraudulent or unacceptable activity on site, discord or social media. I also have customer service skills of 10 plus years for various companies around the nation. I also am always on the site, discord, social media and always helping others and recruiting others and helping others when asked by chain of command. 8. At least one reference that can testify on your character/skills: (Please @ them) @EGS Naughty Norton
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